FOUNDRY – Golden Cider

Unlike the author of “Up In Cider,” I like this apple cider very much. Here is my reply to said author. — If you had read more about the geographical link between an iron foundry and the brewery in Herefordshire, England, where this brand is made, you would have noticed that the design on the pint-sized can is quite clever, incorporating the concept of an anvil and an apple. What’s with the Apple fixation? There is no copyright on the image of a real apple that makes real cider!

The taste of Foundry Golden Cider is quite tart, the bubbles are only noticeable when pouring down the middle of the glass, and the aftertaste with lingering apple notes is very pleasant. This cider ranks 8.5/10 on my list. It also has a rich golden yellow tint in the glass that is quite appealing. All in all, a crisp, tasty cider, brewed according to the English method.

That’s my honest opinion, take it as you will. 🙂

up in cider


I don’t know what a golden shower feels like, but I anticipate this cider is nothing like it.

My trip to the Government Liquor store today didn’t give me very many cider options – just a few classics like Strongbow, Rock Creek, Okanagan Springs, and Growers… but there were two that caught my eye… This was one of them. Why did it catch my eye? It said “new product” beside it.

At only 4.5% alc./vol., this cider, imported from the U.K., goes down smooth like apple juice. In fact, it doesn’t have that weird cider aftertaste, an if given to a small child, they may just think it was apple juice. Apple Cider? Who would have thought!

The can has some weird story about a patio chair. Not my thing. Give me some fru-fru story instead. And the can looks like it is trying to rip off some sort of…

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